Vintage Wallpaper: Yes it's a thing, and yes it's awesome.

When I walk into a home to photograph,  one thing that can immediately help date the property is the wall coverings. Specifically, wallpaper.


There’s just something about a rad swooshy pastel pattern that just radiates a particular time period in my mind, and it’s always amazing to find little time capsules from these and other periods in homes for sale.

Totally tubular!

Totally tubular!


More recently, big, bold, vintage wallpaper patterns are showing up in powder rooms and half baths, and as accent walls. 


Many of the patterns are modern-vintage designs though; they were designed recently to look vintage. The patterns you can find in the modern-vintage category do look great, but for a little more authenticity, a vintage reproduction might be satisfactory. These are original patterns, printed on modern paper and they’ll set you back about $125 for a ~50 square foot roll. 

Not authentic enough? Well get out your steamers, and prepare to peel. The following patterns are available on the walls of current listings in my area. Just one catch - you’ll have to buy the houses first, but that seems like a small price to pay for authenticity.