Years of experience in banking and mortgage lending have helped hone my approach to real estate photography. I approach each shoot with a singular goal in mind: to make every property look as good as possible in photos. Having seen scores of appraisals and closings, I have a keen eye for what adds value to each home and I try to capture that in my photos and marketing materials.

Kitchens sell homes


Kitchens are the heart and soul of the home. Photos should not only be well lit and beautiful to look at - they should capture the feeling of being in the room itself. Placing a viewer in the room with just a photo is critical to engaging potential buyers.


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                                         Three key tenets of living spaces:                                            Sit back, relax, and enjoy


A home's living spaces can be its most attractive quality. A large, bright, or well appointed living room or family room can really draw attention prior to a showing. Professional photos ensure that your home's living spaces seem as comfortable and familiar to potential buyers, without sacrificing attention to detail and image quality. 


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Exterior photos to make your home shine from the street


The best way to improve a home's curb appeal without lifting a finger is to have professional photos taken. Whether the photos are taken during the day or evening hours, a photographer will spend the time necessary to capture your home from every angle so it's always showing its best side


Details, details, details


I believe there is always something interesting to find in every home, and I make it a point to photograph those small but important and interesting things. Whether it be an antique doorbell, hand carved moldings, or the patterns in a fine marble, details help make a home come alive.


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Floor plans to fit every home


While great photographs do a lot to place potential buyers in a home, nothing gives a better sense of size and scale than a laser measured floor plan. Delivered in three formats: .pdf, branded interactive, and MLS compliant unbranded interactive, there's one for every application.