2018 Roundup - Photos, Videos, and Adventure

What happened in 2018? I’m happy to say that this year has been the most successful year so far for JS O’Connor Photography. I have had the pleasure of working with some of the best agents in the Greater Boston area and beyond, in some amazing properties a few of which are highlighted here. I’ve also expanded my business further into outdoor adventure photography, shooting several outdoor endurance races across the Eastern US. I’m even taking my business beneath the waves as I add underwater photography. Without further ado, here are some of the highlights from this year:


Adding 4K produced videos at a reasonable cost was one of my biggest goals for 2018. Gone are the days of the simple slideshow, but highly produced videos are often far too expensive for most real estate marketing budgets. I try to emulate an editorial style with my videos: showing what it’s really like to walk through the home, combined with audio and motion graphics to produce concise, engaging content.


This was the first time I shot a house with it’s own page at the Library of Congress. The Annie Longfellow Thorpe House in Cambridge is owned by Harvard University and had recently undergone a major renovation. This Colonial Revival style home may look unassuming from the front, but it hides an enormous chef’s kitchen, two separate apartments, and a ballroom.

2018 Was also the year I had my photos picked up by a few publications. These two custom homes, a shingle style and a lighthouse home, both saw some media attention:

Dwell: Shingle Style Rustic Chic

Coastal Living: Want to Live in a Lighthouse? This Charming Maine Home Was Inspired by One.


It’s no secret that I love the outdoors, and I’m lucky enough to have had the opportunity in 2018 to document two 24 hour premier endurance races. Following along with the 2017 National Championship team, Rootstock Racing for 120+ miles, I completed the principal filming for a documentary short to be released in 2019 entitled, “The Hardest Day in Maine.” If you’ve never heard of it before, that’s okay. Adventure racing is a niche team sport that takes competitors across huge areas of land and water, searching for unique checkpoints using nothing more than map and compass navigation.

A primer on the sport, filmed at a race in Bucks County, PA

Teaser for the 2019 Maine Summer Adventure race