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Property Prep: A Must for Great Photos

It happens more than I would like to admit, but I will open the door to photograph a property and as I walk in, I find boxes, trash, stray furniture, unswept floors, and unwiped counters. Most times, homeowners just run out of steam, especially when they've got everything else with a move on their plate. I definitely get it, and the temptation to call it quits when you've cleaned up 80% of the house is overwhelming. It's certainly okay to call it a day at that point if your agent is doing their own photos, but if you're hiring a professional photographer, the property needs to be 100% photo ready for the best results

The Latest Trend in Real Estate Photography: Short Term Rentals

The Latest Trend in Real Estate Photography: Short Term Rentals

Everyone has heard of Airbnb before - the service that connects people with short term rentals and allows home owners to set their properties up for rent while they are away. They were obviously on to something because that market has exploded in recent years. Looking to cash in on an extremely lucrative short term rental market, many other companies have sprung up to compete with Airbnb, and that has created a whole new area of business for real estate photography.

New tech and services poll for 2017: Weigh in to help drive new offerings from JS O'Connor Photography

I'll be brief: If you're a real estate professional looking to get more listings in 2017, you've probably already considered adding some things to your marketing package. In response to demand I have continued to add more services, and I'll be adding yet again soon. Please take a second to complete this 4 question survey that will affect how I implement the next few expanded services.  I really appreciate everyone's time and I can't wait to start rolling out the new services you help pick.

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