My Favorite Spaces: The best and most unique spaces I photographed in 2016

Well the year is coming to a close, and with the end of 2016 drawing near, I thought this would be a great time to look back on some of my favorite spaces from this year. I have photographed properties of all kinds this year. Every time I shoot a home, I am on the lookout for well designed and well staged spaces - those that seem to stand out from the rest. Here is a list of just a few of my favorite spaces from 2016.

1. Converted industrial space rental in Charlestown

I was introduced to a property manager recently. They maintain and rent high end properties in the Boston area and a few other metropolitan areas. This was one of my favorite units I shot - a two bedroom condo in Charlestown. The building is a converted industrial space, and the whole thing has a super chic, clean, contemporary feel to it.


2. New construction in Lexington

This one is near and dear to me. It's one of the first homes I was able to photograph both before and after staging. As with new construction, this home was beautiful but empty when complete. I shot all the rooms, and it did look okay, but it wasn't until the staging came in that the home truly came to life.


3. Open floorplan condo in Somerville

When I first moved to the Boston area, I chose Somerville to put down roots, so it will always be a part of me. That's why I chose this recently renovated condo in a triple-decker in Porter Square as one of my favorites. Clean design, excellent location, and superb staging made this unit a top notch property for 2016.

4. Lexington FSBO

I almost always work with real estate agents, but from time to time, I deal with FSBO clients. That is, "For Sale By Owner."  This was one such case. In this property I found a modern renovation of an 18th century farmhouse. Open and free, but with a nod to the original construction, this was a truly unique property. My hat's off to the homeowners who staged the property as well as I have seen any professional do.

5.  Chic South Boston condo 

South Boston is flush with new development, and this was no exception. Staged by the Realtor herself, this property just oozed style.  Clean lines, simple yet elegant furniture, and a few unique touches made this small property jump off the page.