How do I get my photos?

Depending on your selection of tour platform, photos can be delivered in any number of ways. You may download them from the marketing center of your virtual tour, or receive them via cloud storage: Google Drive or Dropbox.WeTransfer is also available upon request. Uncompressed .tif files are also available for large format printing.


When is the best time to schedule?


What if I need to cancel?


Most real estate listings look best during midday when the sun is high in the sky. Try to aim to get your appointment scheduled between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. for best results. Twilight photos must be scheduled for the 15 minute "civil twilight" period of a given day. This time changes every day, and I am happy to let you know when the optimal time for twilight photos will be on any given evening.

Life happens, and sometimes cancellations are necessary. I ask that if you should need to request a cancellation, that you please provide 24 hours notice before any scheduled appointments. Appointments cancelled with fewer than 24 hours notice may be subject to a late cancellation fee of $50.



Depending on the size of the subject property and the services selected, a complex photo shoot may take a few hours. Most properties, however, can have photos and a floor plan finished within the space of an hour. 

While it is certainly helpful to have an agent or agent's assistant on site to assist with movement of items and provide answers to questions that arise during a shoot, it is not always necessary. New construction and unoccupied properties may be shot without your presence if necessary.

How long does this all take?

Do I need to be there the whole time?


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